Saturday, May 15, 2021

Documents Show Trump Officials Used Secret Terrorism Unit to Question Lawyers at the Border


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Dara Lind for ProPublica reports on a troubling strategy employed by the Trump administration against immigration attorneys.  Is this story of governmental abuse the tip of the iceberg?

"In newly disclosed records, Trump officials cited conspiracies about Antifa to justify interrogating immigration lawyers with a special terrorism unit. The documents also show that more lawyers were targeted than previously known."

According to Lind, nnewly released records show that immigration attorneys were swept up as part of a broader than previously known push by the administration of President Donald Trump to use the federal government’s expansive powers at the border to stop and question journalists, lawyers and activists.  Custom and Border Protection's Tactical Terrorism Response Team led the effort.  Lawyers questioned "were suspected of `providing assistance' to the migrant caravan that was then the focus of significant attention by the administration and right-wing media. Officials speculated in later reports that immigration lawyers were seeking to profit by moving migrants through Mexico, and that `Antifa' may have been involved."


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