Sunday, May 16, 2021

CNN Follows Brothers & People Smugglers in Ciudad Juarez

U.S./Mexico border outside El Paso/Juarez; photo mine

CNN has done some really interesting reporting of late regarding smugglers working to get migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border. CNN corespondent Matt Rivers went to Mexico, interviewed polleros (smugglers), and, most interestingly, followed smugglers as they worked to get 2 migrants--a young man and woman from Ecuador--up and over the border wall and into the United States.

CNN's online article is filled with excellent still photography documenting the work of these Mexican smugglers. The online story also includes key details -- the thousands of dollars migrants spend on smugglers (as much as smugglers can charge), the likelihood of migrants making it to their final stateside destination without detection (low), and the ties smugglers have to Mexican cartels.

I also encourage you to watch Rivers' video reporting, which captures the smuggler's tools (a rebar ladder), shows the migrants and smugglers creeping up to the U.S. border, and records the migrants as they climb up and over the wall and run into the distance. These are some pretty powerful visuals that has the potential to really open the eyes of students thinking about border crossings.


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