Wednesday, April 7, 2021

To TikTok or Not to TikTok, That Is The Question


Check out this fascinating Mother Jones article. Apparently there are lots of immigration attorneys currently advertising on TikTok. Folks have a lot of feelings about this trend.

Here's the deal. There are many migrants present in the United States who, despite apparent equities like long-term presence in the U.S. and a clean criminal record, simply have no path to legalize their immigration status. Unfortunately, thems the breaks with our current system.

But there are immigration lawyers on TikTok whose message appears to be that they can find a way for everyone to stay in the U.S. and regularize their status.

Those who worry about such posts argue that, at best, these 15-60 second videos have the potential to mislead and promise more than they can deliver; at worst, they're a ploy simply to generate fees through initial consultations. Those who support the posts argue they're providing a service to migrants who might otherwise not seek an attorney's advice and this enables such individuals to be screened for potential eligibility.

Interested in thinking more this topic? Check out this University of Richmond Journal of Law and Technology blog post: Attorneys on Tik Tok: Is TikTok The New Way To Advertise To Gen Z?.


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