Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Susan Gzesh @ Just Security -- What the US Owes Central American Refugees


Over at Just Security, immprof Susan Gzesh (U. Chicago) asks Why Must Central American Asylum Seekers Risk Their Lives to Reach the US? There is an Alternative.

Gzesh starts with a point that, she notes, may surprise Americans: "almost no Guatemalans, Hondurans, or Salvadorans have ever been welcomed to the United States through [the United States Refugee Admissions Program or] USRAP."

Gzesh explains the refugee admission numbers and the geographic allocation of them, noting the scant "Latin America" figures have largely gone to Cubans. She highlights how Cold War politics have kept Central Americans out of the USRAP process.

Gzesh wants Central Americans to have access to the USRAP, as well as a "meaningful opportunity to apply for asylum at the U.S. border or in the interior." After all, she notes, "The U.S. bears a great deal of responsibility for the conditions of poverty, violence, and failures of the rule of law that drive asylum seekers north from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, as history will attest."



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