Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Raquel Aldana: "Citizenism" and the Shackles of Borders



Last week, in the Racial Justice Speaker Series, UC Davis School of Law Professor Raquel Aldana, a human rights, immigration, civil rights, and criminal law expert, spoke on "'Citizenism' and the Shackles of Borders."  The series has brought (virtually) civil rights scholars, public defenders, political leaders, and others to teh UC Davis law school community to discuss systemic racial injustice in U.S. social life.

Professor Aldana laid out the case for the claim that the enforcement of borders has always been punitive and racialized. Yet, immigration law’s exceptionalism and bounded notions of social membership has left the noncitizens largely unprotected from the laws. This presentation argues that racial justice projects must embrace the dismantling of citizenism -- a view in which “ U.S. citizenship” is foundational to the distribution of rights – as central to the transformation of the United States into a more just nation.

Professor Aldana offered a focus on race and immigration that was an important way to end the Racial Justice Speaker Series 2020-21. 

Here are the notes to the Power Point presentation:   Download Citizenism and the Shackles of Borders

Here is the Power Point:   Download Citizenism



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