Sunday, April 25, 2021

Map of Retaliatory Actions Against Immigrant Activists

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In November 2020, just 7 months ago, Kevin introduced the Immigrant Rights Voices website and the #ProtectImmigrantVoices campaign. As he wrote then:

The website features an interactive map documenting over a thousand instances of retaliation against immigrant rights defenders by numerous U.S. government agencies and highlights the personal accounts of immigrant rights leaders who have been arrested, jailed, surveilled, and deported for their activism. It claims that, by abusing its immense power in an attempt to stamp out dissenting voices in immigrant communities, the government is trampling on the First Amendment right to speak truth to power.

This project is all the more salient to me this week as I watched docu-thriller The Infiltrators (Friday post) and learned more about how the movie's protagonist, Claudio Rojas, was deported in retaliation for his appearance in the film (Saturday post). It's  moving to (quite literally) see the story of Claudio Rojas placed in the context of retaliatory actions taken against other immigration activists.


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