Wednesday, April 14, 2021

John Oliver to Biden on Refguees: "Pick up a f--ing pen, and do the right thing"

As WaPo and other news outlets have reported, President Biden stated in February that he would be dramatically raising the cap on refugee admissions from Trump's historic low of 15,000 all the way up to 125,000. "However, Biden has yet to do one thing that would make all of those changes official: sign what is known as a presidential determination." Without doing that, Biden's February statement means absolutely nothing. Trump's 15,000 cap remains in place. (Also, as WaPo reports, presidents normally sign that determination when they announce their refugee numbers; there's no explanation for why Biden's waited some 2 months without taking the required action.)

John Oliver, for one, isn't having it. In this 5-minute segment from Sunday night, the late-night host talked about the many folks who've been hurt by Biden's failure to sign a presidential determination, and just how easy it would be for Biden to sign: he doesn't need to jump the M&M hurdles of McConnell and Manchin. Oliver concludes his segment by urging the president to "pick up a f--ing pen, and do the right thing."

Damn skippy.


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