Sunday, April 25, 2021

Human Smugglers Bypass Border Patrol, Deaths on the Border in South Texas


NPR reports on human smuggling in the U.S./Mexico border region.  "Undocumented migrants from Mexico and Central America trekking on foot and packed into vehicles are heading north through South Texas in ever greater numbers. Some are dying along the way in the harsh, arid terrain."

According to the report, Border Patrol officers claim that they are too busy processing asylum seekers to apprehend others crossing unlawfully.  

The story notes the deaths of migrants trying to cross the border.  "In neighboring Brooks County, migrants trek through the unfamiliar ranchland to circumvent a Border Patrol checkpoint on Highway 281. Often, they don't carry enough water and may be out of shape, and they can perish from dehydration.

Just since January, authorities in Brooks County have recovered 22 human remains that are presumed to be migrants dropped off by coyotes, compared to 34 migrants found dead in all of 2020."

NPR quotes a rancher:  "`Think about it: If you regularize people, let 'em come through, give 'em safe passage,' . . . `I mean, everybody's an essential worker anyway, and people are going to work! The policy needs to get away from enforcement and deal with the reality of migration.'"


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