Thursday, April 22, 2021

From the Bookshelves: Taste of Belonging by Welcoming America

Taste of belonging
Welcome America is presenting a cook book,  Taste of Belonging: A Collection of Recipes and Ways to Strengthen Community Across Differences, to promote cultural understanding. Created as a toolkit and resource guide, the cookbook is intended for individuals and organizations seeking fresh inspiration and tips for building connections and decreasing prejudice in communities.

The introduction to the cookbook quotes chef Jose Andres:

From biryani to bulgogi and tortillas to tikkis, food has the power to evoke memories, bring people together, and transport you to other places. 

Learn more and read the downloadable cookbook here.

To learn even more about using food as a tool for understanding, register for the session on "Fostering a Sense of Belonging in Your Community" at the Welcoming Interactive on May 5.


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