Monday, April 26, 2021

Deportado: Colombian Coffee Maker Turns Deportation Into Profit

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Univision has the story of Feliz Zuñiga, the Colombian business Deportado Coffee. From the business' name, you might guess that Zuñiga was deported from the United States to Colombia. And you'd be right. But the story's far more interesting that just that.

Zuñiga lived in the United States for 40 years. He's married to a U.S. citizen and is the father of three U.S. citizen daughters (aged 28, 30, and 32). During his time in the United States, Zuñiga served as a confidential informant for the DEA and the FBI -- in exchange for a reduced sentence when he was convicted of bank fraud. Despite his help to these agencies, and the agencies' promise of an S visa, Zuñiga never received that status. And it was that same 2-decades old conviction that was stated reason for his ultimate exile.

Now living in Colombia, a country he'd left at the age of 17, his daughters helped come up with the idea for the coffee company during a visit. As one told Univision: "We decided to go with the name ‘Deportado’ because of the impact and the irony of importing coffee [made] with deported hands... You know, love our people as much as you love our coffee."


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very sad story but it turned out good in the end so happy ending is always good

Posted by: Bruce Dizengoff | May 1, 2021 10:36:46 AM

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