Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Attacking Democracy through Immigration Workplace Raids

Friends, here's an abstract (and link to the draft) of a chapter I've contributed to the forthcoming Cambridge University Press book, Labor and Challenges to Democracy, edited by Angela Cornell and Mark Barenberg.

Democracy is under attack through immigration workplace raids. Labor unions have finally come to realize that noncitizen workers—documented and undocumented—are their future. ICE raids have been timed—particularly by the Bush and Trump administrations to thwart organizing efforts. Through a process of demonizing and commodification of immigrant workers, the public has been conditioned to ignore the racial implications of ICE raids. But even a cursory examination reveals the racist effects of these enforcement efforts. However, a closer analysis reveals how these attacks are an attack on democracy as well. ICE raids are an attack on labor organizing, which in turn represents an assault on the freedom of association, freedom from discrimination, a strong middle class, and democratic acculturation.

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