Tuesday, March 23, 2021

There’s no migrant ‘surge’ at the U.S. southern border. Here’s the data.


Tom K. Wong

Check this commentary out by Tom K. Wong, Gabriel De Roche, and Jesus Rojas Venzor address the question of whether there in fact is a border "crisis," which many newspapers are trumpeting.  They

"looked at data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection to see whether there’s a `crisis' — or even a `surge,' as many news outlets have characterized it. [They] analyzed monthly CBP data from 2012 to now and found no crisis or surge that can be attributed to Biden administration policies. Rather, the current increase in apprehensions fits a predictable pattern of seasonal changes in undocumented immigration combined with a backlog of demand because of 2020’s coronavirus border closure." (bold added).

The above excerpt was originally published in The Washington Post. Please click here to view the full article.



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