Saturday, March 13, 2021

Immigration Cases on Supreme Court's April 2021 Oral Argument Calendar

6a00d8341bfae553ef0278800c3914200d-800wiPicture from Supreme Court website

The Supreme Court has released the April 2021 oral argument calendar.  It includes two immigration cases:

Sanchez v. Mayorkas (April 19): Whether an immigrant who enters the United States without proper authorization but receives “temporary protected status” can become a lawful permanent resident.

United States v. Palomar-Santiago (April 27): Whether charges that a non-citizen illegally reentered the United States should be dismissed when the non-citizen’s removal was based on the misclassification of a prior conviction.

Because the Biden administration has agreed to dismissal of the appeals, the Court is not addressing the merits of several challenges to high profile Trump administration immigration policies, such as the lawfulness of the efforts to build the US/Mexico border wall, the lawfulness of the public charge rule, and more.  


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