Thursday, February 25, 2021

#WeCanWelcome​ Asylum Seekers: Meet Mirna Linares de Batres

Ftom Refugees International:

n the prior presidential administration, policy-makers stoked a “border crisis” narrative that willfully ignored both the capacity and the will of Americans to welcome people seeking safety from persecution and gross violations of their human rights. Non-profits, faith groups, and local officials are eager to coordinate with the federal government to receive with dignity those seeking refuge at the border. And with smart and humane policies, these noble objectives can and must be secured.

As part of our ongoing Voices from the Border campaign, over the next few weeks, Refugees International will be sharing the stories of individuals—including asylum seekers, public officials, volunteers, and faith leaders—who are on the frontlines of creating and contributing to welcoming communities across the country.

These stories illustrate an important message: that #WeCanWelcome asylum seekers.

The first video in the series follows the journey of Mirna Linares de Batres, a mother and asylum seeker who fled from El Salvador and has rebuilt her life in Colorado.

“I can finally feel safe. I can finally talk. My daughters can finally play,” said Mirna. “I would really like to become a nurse. And my dream is to help my daughters strive forward and fulfill their dreams.”

Read her full story here and watch her video below.



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