Monday, February 22, 2021

In Challenging Times, A Call for African American/Asian American Unity


Violence against Asian Americans during the pandemic has been in the news.  The reports also has highlighted tensions between African Americans and Asians with Black violence against Asians especially prominent in the news.  Vivian Ho and Abene Clayton has thoughtful analysis ("`Black and Asian unity': attacks on elders spark reckoning with racism's roots"):

"Organizers in the Asian and Black communities have been quick to denounce this rhetoric and call for solidarity. Last weekend, hundreds gathered in the Bay Area to call for solidarity and pay homage to the victims, wearing shirts emblazoned with `Black and Asian unity.'

`Supporting our Asian community is not about dividing us. This support is for all of us suffering under white supremacy. We need to understand that so we can triumph and have public and personal safety,' said Eddy Zheng, an Oakland organizer and youth counselor.

But the issue is complicated and plucks at years of racial divisions.

Some Asian Americans are frustrated that discussion of attacks on Asians are being used as a teachable moment to discuss anti-Black racism. Others agree with Black Lives Matter activists that calling for more policing is the wrong approach to increasing community safety, and poses a threat to people of color."





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