Thursday, February 25, 2021

Immigrant Leaves Maplewood Church After 3½ Years As ICE Decides Not To Deport Him


A good news immigration story from the Heartland!

Yesterday, Alex Garcia, an Honduran immigrant (and married father of five) who sought sanctuary in Maplewood Church in St. Louis nearly 3½ years ago, went home. Supporters cheered for him as he walked out of the church, where he has lived in sanctuary for more than 3 years, away from his family. Garcia left after U.S. immigration authorities said he is no longer a priority for deportation, his lawyers said.

Garcia sought refuge inside the church because federal authorities had ordered him deported and he wanted to remain in the United States family.

Dozens of masked church members and community supporters cheered him, as he left the church. Many wore T-shirts and carried signs that said, “Alex Belongs Here.”

According to an AP story on Garcia's release, "Myrna Orozco, organizing coordinator at Church World Service said 33 immigrants remain inside churches across the U.S. and that number should continue to drop.'"


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