Thursday, February 18, 2021

Daily Show covers Rise in Hate Crimes Against Asian Americans

Trevor Noah #DailyShow reports on an 867% rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans. These incidents have included unprovoked attacks on a 91-year old Asian American in Oakland's Chinatown (hospitalized with serious injuries after being shoved), a 84-year old man in San Francisco (died of injuries after being knocked over), and a 64-year old grandmother in San Jose (assaulted and robbed after withdrawing cash from an ATM for the lunar New Year). Suggestions on how to help with chaperoning and making donations to community serve groups appear in the video at 6:00. 

Additional information about efforts to support safety and show solidarity for elderly Asian Americans appear here. Some of the efforts focus especially on community-based safety and highlight ways to promote safety without doubling down on punitive policing in urban neighborhoods, including  the Chinatown Ambassador Program in Oakland, New York City, San Francisco. Instagram user Amy Lee is also starting a grocery shopping buddy system. I've also appreciated the Hollaback-AAJC bystander intervention trainings.

A broader perspective on the need for racial solidarity in combatting anti-Asian from Kelsey Liu and Monica Hahn of Truthout points out that the roots of this phenomenon extend beyond COVID-19 and Chinese Exclusion to many racially disempowered groups.

Asians can and should take time to grieve and process the trauma of what we’re experiencing. But it’s also time to push our collective racial consciousness forward, past insular self-awareness and toward cross-racial solidarity. We need to contextualize this current moment as part of the larger story of American racial oppression. The tactics used against us today are familiar ones, wielded throughout history against people from all racial backgrounds.


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