Friday, January 1, 2021

Your Playlist: Joan Osborne

What's That You Say by Joan Osborne was released just this past July but it's got a real '70s throwback vibe:

As explained by the Grateful Web, the song was "inspired by the story of Ana Maria Rea-Ventre, an immigrant whose family came to America from Mexico to seek a better life when she was a child ... Rea-Ventre's words can be heard in her native tongue throughout the track."

Osborne describes her motivation to release the song this way: "I hear these debates about ‘the problem’ of immigration and I'm just dismayed. I think America has been enriched by its immigrants in every way. How can we forget that? Can you imagine how boring this country would be without the cultural traditions immigrants have brought with them - their food, their music, their ideas, their storytelling - and without the new forms that are created from the interplay between all these traditions? How have we come to this place where we don't celebrate that anymore?”


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