Monday, January 11, 2021

Daniel Black: The Capitol attack was White supremacy, plain and simple

Last week's white insurrection in the Capitol is literally one for the history books.  Professor Daniel Black's commentary on CNN explores the role of race in the storming of the Capitol.  He writes:

"What happened on Wednesday was simple: Donald Trump told White people that America had been stolen from them, and he summoned them to Washington to take it back. He was their commander in chief, he gave them their marching orders, and all they had to do was obey. They saw insurrection as their duty, but also as their right.
If these overwhelmingly White invaders had instead been Black, the news headline would have read: "Massacre in the Nation's Capital." There is no damn way throngs of Black people could have similarly smashed their way into that citadel of world power without losing their lives en masse. Only with White privilege does such reprehensible behavior not meet deadly reprisals."

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