Thursday, January 7, 2021

A White Supremacist Insurrection? "Trump’s white supremacist insurrection overtakes the Capitol"

All eyes and ears are on the insurrection in Washington D.C. yesterday.  The title to the commentary by Renee Graham in the Boston Globe ("Trump’s white supremacist insurrection overtakes the Capitol") touches on a point that has not been the focus of much attention.  Was the violence a "white supremacist insurrection"? (bold added).

CNN reports that "[t]he mob of Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday included conspiracy theorists linked to QAnon and the Proud Boys -- two right-wing extremist factions that President Donald Trump repeatedly refused to condemn during his election campaign last year."  One can only wonder about the role of race in fueling the insurrection.  I am sure that we will hear more about this.


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