Sunday, December 13, 2020

The U.S. Should be Ashamed: 628 parents of separated children are still missing

Daniel Gonzalez reports that the horrendous Trump administration policy  has resulted in the continued devastation of migrant families: 

"Three years after the Trump administration began separating migrant families at the southern border, immigrant advocates are still trying to track down 628 missing parents, according to a Dec. 2 status report filed jointly by the American Civil Liberties Union and Trump administration lawyers.

Of the missing parents, 333 were deported from the U.S. — the majority of them to Guatemala, but also to Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. Their children remain in the U.S. and are living with relatives or other sponsors scattered all over the country.

The remaining 295 parents that haven't been located are believed still to be in the United States, according to the court filing and the ACLU."


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