Saturday, December 5, 2020

The US has "dirty immigration lawyers"; The UK has "specialist immigration law firms"

The original uploader was Skipper Michael at Palatine German Wikipedia., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

It was 2017 when then-AG Jeff Sessions caught immprofs' attention with his diatribe against "dirty immigration lawyers" helping migrants seek asylum in the US. (Side note: Christmas is coming and you can still buy your favorite immprof a dirty immigration lawyer tee shirt.)

Those words came to mind this week when UK Immigration Minister Chris Philp got testy after migrants were removed from a deportation flight from the UK to Jamaica. He said: "It is disappointing that specialist immigration law firms continued to use last-minute tactics to remove a significant number of offenders from this flight."

Yeah. It's really hard when lawyers use the LAW to fight for their clients and win. Such an annoyance.

But, hey, "specialist immigration law firms" is a step up from "activist lawyers" which is how the UK Home Office characterized immigration lawyers "disrupting" deportation flights in August. Specifically, the government bemoaned (a la Sessions) that "current return regulations are rigid and open to abuse, allowing activist lawyers to delay and disrupt returns."

Shout out to immigration attorneys on both sides of the pond fighting to make their governments abide by the law.


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