Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Our Immigration Policy Has Done Terrible Damage to Kids


Professors Lucy Bassett and Hirokazu Yoshikawa for Scientific American ("Our Immigration Policy Has Done Terrible Damage to Kids") argues that the Biden administration should take steps to remedy the grievous damage done to immigrant families by the Trump administration. 

"The harm to our nation’s refugees, asylees, legal immigrants and mixed-status families has been extreme in the current administration, but not irreversible. The Biden-Harris administration can take immediate science-based action to improve the lifelong health, economic and educational outcomes of immigrant-origin children, youth and their families nationwide." (bold added).

The four steps identifies in the article:

1.  Prioritize family reunification.

2.  Ensure that children’s development is a priority at the U.S.-Mexico border.

3.  Upon entry to the U.S., improve care and appropriate custody of children

4.  Ensure access to social safety nets for immigrant children and families


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