Friday, November 20, 2020

The Trump Administration Is Still Making Immigration Rules


Lorelei Laird for Above the Law offers a horror show of immigration damage that the Trump administration can do in its waning days.  She offers a no-hold-barred summary of the administration's immigration exploits, which no doubt will go down in the history of infamy: 

"For the past almost-four years, the Trump administration’s politically appointed leadership has essentially vandalized the immigration agencies. Just under 50% of the American people trusted them to run agencies that grant visas, naturalize new Americans, run the immigration courts and apply asylum law. That trust has been repaid with abject crueltyopen prejudiceoutright lies, and blatant violations of federal and international law, implemented by people who can barely even bother disguising their racism.

None of this was an accident, or the actions of rogue officials; they had every intention of doing more. So I’d be a fool to expect them to leave quietly. I haven’t seen any specifically immigration-focused coverage of how they might set more fires on the way out the door, so in this column, I’m taking a stab at it."

Click the link above to see the immigration possibilities to follow, which read as if they came from a crime noir thriller, including "deporting the witnesses."


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