Monday, November 30, 2020

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Today in Trump v. New York


SCOTUSBlog  ran a symposium previewing the Supreme Court argument today in Trump v. New York, the challenge to the Trump administration’s plan to exclude people unlawfully in the country from the state-by-state breakdown used to allocate seats in the House. As Amy Howe describes, "[i]f the court upholds the plan and the administration is able to implement it before leaving office, the new method of apportioning House seats could shift political power away from states with large immigrant populations and toward states with fewer immigrants."

Here are the contributions to the symposium:

Date Author Post Title
11.28.20 Symposium: A not-at-all disguised attempt to shift power away from Latino voters
11.25.20 Symposium: Trump’s census policy is both fundamentally fair and legally sound
11.24.20 Symposium: Depoliticizing the census through administrative process
11.24.20 Symposium: All foreign nationals should be excluded from apportionment. That’s what the Constitution requires.
11.24.20 Case preview: Justices to review Trump’s plan to adjust census data used for congressional apportionment

UPDATE (Nov. 30 3:45 p.m.):  Here is Amy Howe's argument recap from SCOTUSBlog.  Her bottom line:  The Justices "focus[ed] . . . on whether the Supreme Court could or should weigh in now, and by the end it seemed very possible that they may not resolve the merits of the case immediately – if at all."


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