Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Lawyers can't find the parents of 666 migrant kids, a higher number than previously reported



A few weeks ago, news hit that the Trump administration had been unable to reunify 545 parents with children who had been separated under the administration's family separation policy.  The news in fact was worse.  NBC News now reports that  the true number is 666 -- an ominous number to say the least.  According to the news report,

"Lawyers working to reunite migrant families separated by the Trump administration before and during its `zero tolerance' policy at the border now believe the number of separated children for whom they have not been able to find parents is 666, higher than they told a federal judge last month, according to an email obtained by NBC News.

Nearly 20 percent, or 129, of those children were under 5 at the time of the separation, according to a source familiar with the data.

In the email, Steven Herzog, the attorney leading efforts to reunite the families, explains that the number is higher because the new group includes those `for whom the government did not provide any phone number.' Previously, the lawyers said they could not find the parents of 545 children after they had tried to make contact but had been unsuccessful."


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Time to argue 8 USC 1401(f)

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