Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fugetsu-Do: An LA Immigration Story

Fugetsu-Do, a confectionery shop in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Little Tokyo, is known for its mochi -- a Japanese rice cake treat. The store has been owned and operated by one family -- the Kito family -- since 1903.

As the BBC notes, the business was started by Seiichi Kito, a Tokyo-trained mochi maker, in 1903. His son Roy joined the business in 1935, but their work was cut short during WW2 when the shop was closed and the Kitos were interned at Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. After the war, father and son returned to Little Tokyo to restart their business. While they'd stored their equipment during internment, they couldn't pay the demanded back rent to get their equipment out of storage. With the help of an investor, the business eventually reopened in 1946. Roy's son, Brian, took over the business in 1980 and continues to run it today though he hopes his son Korey may take over the business. It's a National Historic Landmark!

You can watch their mochi-making magic here:

The next time you're in LA, you'll know where to stop in for a tasty treat!



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Sweet (yes, haha) info, thanks! I just got mochi the other day to satisfy a persistent craving, but sadly they weren’t the artisan type like described here. When it’s ever safe to visit LA again, I’ll be sure to hit up this establishment!

Posted by: hardreaders | Nov 25, 2020 5:54:50 AM

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