Wednesday, November 18, 2020

President-Elect Biden's Agenda for International Students

Could President-Elect Biden reverse the downward trend of international students studying in US higher education institutions?

Earlier this week ImmigrationProf Blog shared the results from the Institute of International Education (IIE) annual report, which showed a decline in the total international students studying in US higher education institutions (16%) and new enrollment for international students in US higher education institutions (43%). An article in the Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the rampant relief felt by international students and their campus advisers that Biden promises to reverse the immigration policies that have negatively impacted them. For example, Biden has promised within first first 100 days to overturn the executive order, known as the Muslim travel ban, that was first issued in January 2017 and then revised three times before being upheld in the Supreme Court.  He has also indicated a desire to restore global cooperation that is the core of the STEM pipeline that motivates talented international students to come train in U.S. colleges and universities and stay for high-skilled work on a temporary or permanent basis. In all likelihood, his administration would retract other proposed policies that would have made it harder for students to study remotely at US institutions during the pandemic or limit the time span during which they must complete their degrees or return to their home countries.

Other efforts to overhaul portions of the immigration system that adversely affect international students will be harder without bipartisan support to pass legislation in Congress.


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