Monday, October 26, 2020

Naturalization Fees: A Poll Tax Hidden in Plain Sight


Naturalization Fees: A Poll Tax Hidden in Plain Sight Posted by Valentine Brown for the American Immigration Council look sat the recent hike in the fees for naturalization petition as an effort to restrict naturalizations and limit the ability of immigrants to become new citizens and vote.  Brown sees the fee increases as akin to the poll taxes of old that were used to restrict the voting of African Americans.  She notes the racial impacts of the naturalization restrictions:

"The fact that the largest group of these new citizens—a full 16%—are from Mexico cannot be overlooked. Many of the new citizens are Hispanic or Asian, both groups regularly disparaged by this White House. Another key demographic to consider is that 56% of the 23 million new citizens—or 12.8 million voters—live in the battleground states of California, New York, Texas, and Florida."


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It’s all part of “Dred Scottification” —aided and abetted by the Roberts Court. Don’t expect any help from ACB. After all, she doesn’t have any opinions on anything, even though she is there SOLELY because of her well-established far-right views. On the other hand, if we win some elections, we can change this nonsense!

Posted by: Paul Wickham Schmidt | Oct 26, 2020 9:23:28 AM