Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Immigration issues merit more attention by presidential candidates

Although the volume and pace of immigration policies continues in the week leading to election day, there is little discussion on the campaign trail. ImmigrationProf previously covered efforts to force immigration into the spotlight and the 6 minutes in the second debate. Given that surveys show a majority of Americans think immigration is a very important issue, the slience is deafening. 

  • Sarah Sherman Stokes describes the lack of attention in The Hill. For Trump, she notes the Muslim travel ban, drastic changes to the asylum process, cuts to refugee admissions, broadening the public charge barrier, DACA/TPS rescissions, and closed borders due to public health (and I would economic) justifications during the pandemic. For Biden she notes deportation rates during the Obama administration, ending private detention, decriminalizing immigration, abolishing ICE, reparations to families separated at the border. More generally, she mentions immigration court backlogs and USCIS agency reform, the Remain in Mexico policy, and pathways to citizenship for DREAMers and other undocumented immigrants.
  • Nolan Rappaport lists issues meriting attention in The Hill. He names: backlogs in immigration courts due to asylum cases, legalization after 30 years without legislative reform, executive overreach in immigration lawmaking, and priorities for deportation. He has previously suggested thought provoking questions for the candidates.

Both articles are worth a full read. If the issues were not adequately addresses during the campaigns, surely they will require attention in the first 100 days and first year.



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