Saturday, October 24, 2020

Immigrant Women and Girls in the United States: A Portrait of Demographic Diversity

There are more than 23 million immigrant women and girls in the United States today. The American Immigration Council’s Fact Sheet provides the latest economic and demographic data about this group of immigrants.   The Council’s research shows that immigrant women in the labor force earn less than any other demographic in all top 10 countries of origin.


Other takeaways from the Fact Sheet:

Mexico Is the Single Largest Country of Origin for Immigrant Women and Girls

Immigrant Women and Girls Outnumber Immigrant Men and Boys

Immigrant Women and Girls are More Likely Than Immigrant Men and Boys to Come to the United States Through the Family-Based Immigration System

Immigrant Women and Girls from Vietnam and the Philippines Have Particularly High Naturalization Rates

Immigrant Women Are Active in the Labor Force, with Some Origin Countries Seeing a Higher Rate of Labor Force Participation for Immigrant Women Than for Native-Born Women 

Immigrant Women in the Labor Force Earn Less Than Any Other Demographic


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