Saturday, September 5, 2020

Ms. Magazine Podcast on Immigration


Michelle Goodwin's  Ms. Magazine's "On the Issues" podcast focuses on immigration this week. I had the pleasure of joing the discussion  with Michelle, as well as

We discussed a wide variety of contemporary immigration issues:

From a frozen asylum system, huge camps on the Mexico border and family separation policies, to the worsening lack of healthcare and the aftereffects of COVID-19, Latinx communities are at a disadvantage both inside and outside U.S. borders. In this episode, we focus on events over the last few years greatly impacting Latinx communities: socially, economically and politically—as Trump administration immigration policies have resulted in child separation,huge camps on the Southern border, stalled immigration, and much more.

Meanwhile, those held in detention centers face an added layer of challenges—ranging from lost children, to an increased risk of COVID infections. Are detainees seeking self-deportation to avoid contracting COVID?

And what about sexual abuse? Despite numerous lawsuits and thousands of complaints filed against detention facilities staff, this staggering pattern of sexual abuse seems to continue in immigration detention centers.
Check out the podcast.  It was fun.

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