Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Immigration Revelation: A Podcast

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Immigration Revelationa 13-episode podcast hosted by immigration attorney siblings, Fiona McEntee and Raymond McEntee, and immigration advocate, Carolina Solano, debuts today on all major podcast platforms and on Each episode features candid conversations with immigrants whose origins and experiences span the globe.

"Immigration Revelation aims to amplify the inspirational voices of a diverse group of immigrants. As an immigration attorney, I'm so honored to have a front-row seat to these incredible stories and I am humbled that they are being shared with the world by the amazing immigrants themselves," says Fiona McEntee, creator, co-host, and executive producer of Immigration Revelation.

The debut episode features Belén Sisa, immigration activist and former National Latino Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders For President. Belén, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program recipient who is originally from Argentina, was thrust into the national media spotlight in March 2017 when she challenged the myth that undocumented immigrants do not pay income tax by posting her tax return in an online video.

Future guests include Elliot Collier (Chicago Fire Football Club, New Zealand), Mert Hilmi Iseri (SwipeSense Co-Founder & CEO, Turkey), Jennifer Muldowney (also known as The Glam Reaper, Ireland) and Maeve Higgins (comedian, actress, writer, podcaster, Ireland).

"The world is living a very important moment," says co-host and executive producer Carolina Solano. "One that is seeing a collective shift in how we perceive social issues around us and what it means to be an immigrant in this time. As advocates, we have a privileged opportunity to magnify the voices in our communities and ensure those are the voices carrying the narratives around their stories."

Ray McEntee co-host of the show tells us that "Immigration Revelation shines a bright light on some amazing immigrants. It's such a joy to be surrounded by these incredible stories on a daily basis and now, you get to hear them too!"

Immigration Revelation reminds us that immigration is not just a system, or law, or policy. It is a human experience. Each one is as unique and deserving as the next.

Recognizing the current moment in time, Fiona says, "With the election looming, our show aims to refocus the narrative around immigration and center humanity into these conversations."

Immigration Revelation is available for download through major streaming services and at


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