Thursday, September 17, 2020

BBC Provides Update on Nujeen Mustafa

Who's Nujeen Mustafa, you may be asking yourself. Five years ago, she was a teenager fleeing Syria and seeking refuge on distant European shores. What made her stand out is that she has cerebral palsy and fled in a wheelchair. Her story was so compelling, John Oliver featured her on his show back in 2015. It has to be one of the most memorable John Oliver shows, and that's saying something. Why? Because as a gift to Nujeen Mustafa, the soap opera Days of Our Lives brought back a character from the dead. For reals. That happened. Look:

But that was 2015, and now it's 2020. What's Nujeen Mustafa been up to? BBC has the story:

It's an incredibly moving update. My favorite clip is her speaking at the United Nations. Mustafa told them: "People with disabilities were forgotten in times of peace. What do you think we expect in times of war?"



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