Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Trump Ally, Immigration Hawk Kris Kobach Loses Kansas GOP Senate Primary


News from the heartland.   Kansas Republicans yesterday nominated Rep. Roger Marshall for the Senate over conservative and Trump ally Kris Kobach.  The Republican Party establishment hoped to keep a normally safe seat out of play in what just might be a difficult year for the GOP.

Marshall prevailed comfortably with the backing of major farm, business and anti-abortion groups but without an endorsement from President Trump. Marshall overcame Kobach’s reputation as a conservative firebrand and informal adviser to Trump.

Kobach is on the same restrictionist page on immigration as President Trump and frequenty has appeared in our blog posts (see, for example, here, here). Consistent with his long-time devotion to immigration enforcement, Kobach's immigration platform for the Senate campaign was simple --  "ending illegal immigration."

Kobach is a perennial candidate for state-wide offices in Kansas.  Is this his last rodeo?


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