Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Podcast: An All-American Wake Up Call: How Nativism Paved the Way for Trump’s Immigrant War


This Immigration & Democracy podcast, created by the new Immigration Initiative at Harvard, is worth consideration as background for Immigration Law students.  Here is the summary of the episode:

"Is Trumpism really a bolt from the blue, or is his hardline approach to immigration a continuation of majority-ethnic nationalism that goes back to settler colonialism? And, in their efforts to appease certain voters with more securitized immigration policies, to what extent did the administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama pave the way? Join guest host Dr Stephanie DeGooyer in conversation with Daniel Denvir as they explore American nativism in the past and present. How is it shaping politics as we know it, and what are the lessons for the future of the immigrant’s rights movement?

In this series, we bring you fresh knowledge and insight from the team at the Immigration Initiative at Harvard, led by our Director, Professor Roberto G. Gonzales, and featuring voices from the field. Join us as we get to know our neighbors through their stories."

There are other episodes in the series worth checking out including ones on deportation and raids.


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