Saturday, August 22, 2020

Philosophical Frameworks for Evaluating Immigration Law and Policy: a Video by Prof. Maureen Sweeney

Prof. Maureen Sweeney (Maryland) has created a short video (6:38) about the philosophical frameworks for evaluating immigration law and policy. I'm honored to say that the video draws from my 2014 article Theories of Immigration Law.

My favorite part comes at the end (5:49) when Prof. Sweeney gives listeners homework:

"You can do this little analytical experiment at home. You can find some piece of immigration advocacy or justification or even an attack on an immigration policy and see if you can identify which one or more of these frameworks is at issue and is being used. And then find arguments against that position, whatever it is, in the same framework. And then, as step 2, find some arguments for or against the policy in one of the other frameworks."

An excellent exercise!

I have to say that I was over the moon when Prof. Sweeney shared this video with me. As I've talked about on the blog before, she is has been a virtual guest lecturer in my immigration and crimmigration classes for years -- no one explains the categorical and modified categorical approaches with more clarity. So I'm thrilled to be a part of her classroom in a small way as well.


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