Thursday, August 27, 2020

NY Times Headline: "Trump Takes Night Off From Anti-Immigrant Talk to Swear In U.S. Citizens"


The Republican National Convention continues and President Trump has been re-nominated.  But we truly live in amazing times.  Having made a name with tough-on-immigration policies. the President appeared at a naturalization ceremony in the White House on day 2 of the convention.  Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Michael D. Shear for the New York Times reports "Five new American citizens were stunned to be naturalized at a White House ceremony during the Republican National Convention. Some said they did not know they were being broadcast until friends called to tell them."  The report continues:

"The president’s willingness to use the trappings of presidential power during a campaign convention was a striking departure from previous presidents, who avoided so blatantly blurring the lines between official actions and political activity. And Mr. Trump’s declaration that “we welcome five absolutely incredible new members into our great American family” stands in stark contrast to his anti-immigrant policies, often fueled by xenophobic language."

Tom Nichols for USA Today was not a fan:  "Trump's RNC naturalization ceremony at White House: Tasteless, hollow and probably illegal."  Fox News reports that "Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee are requesting that the Office of Special Counsel investigate acting Secretary Chad Wolf’s participation in a naturalization ceremony . . . during the Republican National Convention. Wolf administered the oath of allegiance to five people -- from Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan and Ghana -- as President Trump looked on."


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