Thursday, August 13, 2020

Ekene Ijeoma's audio portrait of who counts in America

Ekene Ijeoma Counting

Professor Ekene Ijeoma's A Counting provides an audio portrait of American diversity by splicing together the voices of foreign-born Americans counting to 100 in their native languages. The audio portrait is intended to be a reflection on the 2020 census and how the census has historically undercounted minority communities.

Professor Ijeoma is a first-generation Nigerian American who grew up in Fort Worth and is now a professor at MIT. He says in an interview with NPR that he has been drawn to art and science since childhood and seeks to "bridge the gap between facts and feelings" with his projects. Other projects have included:

  • Creating an algorithm that erases a certain percentage of notes in the Star-Spangled Banner to reflect current rates of mass incarceration.
  • A partnership with an epidemiologist to create a 2018 sculptural work called "Pan-African AIDS," in which he uses etched plexiglass panels to sharply contrast rates of infection in Africa and the United States.
  • Recasting a Robert E. Lee monument in New Orleans 
  • An internet work, "The Refugee Project", that breaks down data to explain the ongoing crisis of more than 20 million displaced people around the world.


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