Tuesday, August 4, 2020

At the Movies: An American Pickle


An American Pickle is a HBO production premiering later this week.  Its an immigrant "fish out of water" story.  Here is the teaser from IMDB:

"An immigrant worker at a pickle factory is accidentally preserved for 100 years and wakes up in modern day Brooklyn. Director: Brandon Trost. Writers: Simon Rich (screenplay by), Simon Rich (based on the short story entitled "Sell Out"). Starring: Sarah Snook, Seth Rogen (known for his role as a police officer in the film classic Superbad), Sean Whalen. 

As described in USA Today, "Rogen stars as Herschel Greenbaum, an Eastern European pickle-factory worker who emerges from a vat of brine after being preserved for a century. Rogen also plays Greenbaum's last surviving relative in modern-day Brooklyn, great-grandson Ben."

Reviews are mixed.



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