Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Day That ICE Came: How Worksite Raids Are Once Again Harming Children and Families



A new report from the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) examines the aftermath of worksite ICE raids in Ohio, Texas, and Mississippi under the Trump administration with disturbing findings: “The impact of raids on families, communities, and children — many of whom are U.S. citizens — was the complete devastation of family economic security and mental and physical wellbeing.”

Here is an excerpt from the executive summary:

"Recent efforts to ramp up immigration enforcement in the interior of the United States, and drastic changes in policies—such as prioritizing parents of U.S. citizen children for deportation—have separated many American families. The reemergence of worksite raids is an example of the Trump Administration’s enforcement-heavy approach that harms not only workers, but also families and communities. The nationwide reach of these raids, their unpredictable nature, and the excessive force with which they have been carried out has raised concerns, once again, about the high human cost of such operations."


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