Friday, July 31, 2020

Now Streaming: The Fight

The Fight is a documentary following 4 lawsuits pursed by the ACLU. In terms of immigration, the documentary covers the fight against the Muslim ban as well as the fight against family separation, the right of a detained teenager to obtain an abortion, and the fight to remove the citizenship question from the census. In the non-immigration corner, the film follows the fight against President Trump's ban of trans individuals from serving in the military.

This write-up from WaPo explains how these different threads come together:

Gracefully toggling between these disparate but related cases, “The Fight” portrays its protagonists as superheroic Davids doing battle with a looming, largely unseen Goliath. Afforded unprecedented access to the ACLU’s offices and inner workings, the filmmakers have created a portrait of idealism and hard work that might be mistaken for a promo piece for the organization’s 100-year anniversary, which it’s celebrating this year. Still, directors Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman and Eli B. Despres (who made the equally engrossing 2016 documentary “Weiner”) have found real-life characters who are every bit as pluralistic and paradoxical as the American citizens they represent. What’s more, they are on the scene when the ACLU decides to advocate for the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville in 2017, a move that’s met with outraged dissent within the ranks.

There are a lot of familiar faces -- Lee Gelernt features prominently, as you'd imagine.

The film is streaming now, including at and


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