Tuesday, July 14, 2020

A Wave of States Challenge Trump New International Student Visa Requirements


The Trump administration's new international student visa rules for higher education has been subject to a wave of harsh criticismHere is a recent example.  Irina Manta on The Volokh Conspiracy offers thoughts on the deluge of lawsuits challenging the new international student requirements:

"After lawsuits by Harvard/MIT and then California about the recent changes to the student visa rules, seventeen more states have filed their own lawsuit (in district court in Massachusetts, where the Harvard/MIT suit was already filed). Like the preceding lawsuits, the plaintiffs allege that the federal government violated the Administrative Procedure Act by engaging in arbitrary and capricious decision-making and failing to provide for notice and comment. Because the claims largely track those of the previous lawsuits, I will note here only a few excerpts that captured my attention.

This lawsuit nicely captured the absurdity of the requirements imposed on universities through the sudden and belated change . . . :" (bold added).



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