Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Sign of the Times? Ivanka Trump defends Goya post that watchdogs call unethical





The Associated Press reports that President Trump's daughter and senior advisor, Ivanka, defended tweeting a photo of herself holding up a can of Goya beans to support a Hispanic-owned business, arguing that she has the right to publicly express her support.

Government watchdogs countered that the President's daughter violated ethics rules that bar government officials from using their public office to endorse specific products or groups.

"These groups contend Ivanka Trump’s action also highlights broader concerns about how the president and those around him often blur the line between politics and governing. The White House would be responsible for disciplining Ivanka Trump for any ethics violation but chose not to in a similar case involving White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in 2017."

Goya has been under fire since its CEO praised President Trump in a visit to the White House.


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