Wednesday, June 10, 2020

RIP: George Floyd

A sign of the times:  CNN has a page "Black Lives Matter protests across the US and world: Live updates."

The question is whether the push for racial justice will remain after the funerals and grieving.  Bill Hing and others called on all of us to stand up in our daily lives to racism.  Hope we are up to the challenge of reforming our criminal justice system as well as beginning the long road to remedying racial injustice.

While we must address the racial violence in our criminal justice system, we should not forget the racial disparities in health care, education, employment, etc.   The coronavirus also has illuminated racial disparities.  For example, Black, Latino and Pacific Islander residents of Los Angeles County are twice as likely to have died from infection by the coronavirus, a troubling sign of the role racism and inequity have played in the uneven spread of COVID-19.


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