Tuesday, June 2, 2020

DREAMer dilemmas relating to black lives matter protests

All year, DREAMers have been waiting with lives in limbo for a Supreme Court decision on DACA. In the meantime, their uncertainties have been complicated by the covid-19 pandemic and black lives matter protests.

As Rafael Bernal reports in The Hill, Dreamers know that participating in protests could lead to an arrest that jeopardizes their  work permit and deferral from deportation -- all the more worrisome during a time that so many undocumented family members have lost jobs and/or are ineligible for covid-stimulus funding. Members of mixed-status families could also put at risk undocumented relatives and others in their social circles if they’re taken into police custody. And participating also presents risk of exposure to covid infection.

The dilemmas they face pile atop longstanding tensions about immigrant and African-American alliances for justice, as described here and here.



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