Friday, June 26, 2020

Curating Social Media


Law students are generally pretty savvy about their online presence. They've grown up with Facebook (launched in 2004 when many 1Ls were five or six), Twitter (launched in 2006 when many 1Ls were seven or eight), and Instagram (launched in 2010 when many 1Ls were eleven or twelve).

Still, law students may not yet have thought about how their online lives might affect their professional opportunities. And immprofs themselves might be regretting their own forays into online social networks.

Students and immprofs alike might, accordingly, appreciate some direction about how to curate their online history.

Facebook recently made it extremely easy to eliminate old posts by date or even associated people. This Washington Post article has a good write-up of the new tools. As for Twitter, TweetDelete is an app that makes it easy to delete tweets by date or specific text. Finally, Instagram posts can also be deleted or archived.

Think of it as online Spring cleaning, in early summer!


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