Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Canada to US: Thanks for the Immigrants


Yung Wu, CEO of Toronto-based MaRS Discovery District, has a wonderful new commentary piece in Fortune magazine. Check out this opening paragraph:

Strictly speaking, America, we Canadians should be quietly thanking you for your self-destructive immigration policies. They benefit Canada immensely. But friends tell you when you make a mistake. And you’re making a giant one by hardening your borders and your hearts to talented newcomers.

Just what's the big deal according to Wu? "You’re shutting out the creators of your economic future."

As for Canada, it's ready to swoop in and make room for those left out of the United States. Canada has a Global Talent Stream program designed to facilitate entrepreneurial migration. And Canadian companies are falling over themselves to recruit workers spurned by the U.S. As one CEO put it: "Canada is awesome. Give it a try."

After all, if the U.S. "won't value talented immigrants, Canada will."



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