Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The (Tragic) Story of Two Brothers from Mexico: Living (and Dying) the Dream

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Top, Javier Morales with his daughter and his nieces. Below, Martin Morales with two of his three children.

I listen to The Daily podcast regularly.  Today's installment is heart-breaking.  Two brothers, Javier Morales, 48, and Martin Morales, 39, loved their adopted home and lived the American Dream in this land of opportunity.  died of coronavirus within hours of each other in New Jersey. Their last wish was to be buried at home in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, but, to make that happen, their family must navigate the vast bureaucracies of two countries, international airfare and the complications of a pandemic.

Annie Correal, an immigration reporter for The New York Times, spoke with Shaila and Melanie Cruz Morales, twin sisters from New Jersey who are the men’s nieces.  They are recipients of DACA and hope to attend four year colleges this fall.  Listen to their story.  If you do, I bet you will be rooting for them to succeed.



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