Monday, May 18, 2020

Latinos as "Essential" Workers

This sobering report from the Los Angeles Times by Hailey Branson Potts, Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, Matt Stiles, and Andrew J. Campa take a kook at the composition of the "essential workers"  during the global pandemic:

"For the people who clean floors, do laundry, serve fast food, pick crops and work in meat plants, having the jobs that keep America running has come with a heavy price. They’re deemed “essential” workers, yet their jobs come with low pay, little to no glory — and now high risk.

Health experts say one of the main reasons Latinos are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 is that many work in such low-paying jobs, which require them to leave home and interact with the public. Along with black people, Latinos have borne the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic in California and other parts of the United States, becoming infected and dying at disproportionately high rates." (bold added).


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